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By Halderman 03/18/20

Halderman Moves Auctions To Online

Halderman Real Estate Services, Inc. of Wabash, IN have seven live farm real estate auctions scheduled in April and they announced today that in response to the CDC requirements related to the...

By Halderman 02/28/20

The Coronavirus And Its Global Trade Implications

Observers have likened the impact of the 2019-nCoV, or the coronavirus, to the sudden outbreak of war. It could have a potential global economic impact of as much as $5 trillion if it is not...

By Halderman 12/27/19

Plant-based Proteins, the Impossible Burger and Their Impact on Agriculture

The Impossible Burger is changing the veggie burger game. Simulating the juiciness of a regular burger and its ability to take on a charred surface, the Impossible Burger is finding favor with meat...

By Halderman 12/02/19

Urban Farming On The Rise

The rise of urban agriculture can be attributed to many factors, including advances in technology and an increase in consumers who want locally produced food. Urban agriculture is generally defined...

By Halderman 04/08/19

The ARC and PLC Provide Revenue Support to Growers.

The ABCs of ARC and PLC from the new Farm Bill Under the 2018 Farm Bill, the two basic forms of risk management available to farmers are Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC).

By Halderman 09/17/18

Purdue experts analyze how to plan for tariff continuance.


By Halderman 09/11/18

Hoosier farmland value up 2 percent from summer 2017


By Halderman 08/01/18

Did You Know Halderman Does Hunt or Recreational Leasing?

Nearly 20 years ago Halderman connected with a hunt leasing company in Indianapolis to help our clients maximize their return on non-cropland acres.  Did you know that for 19 years Halderman and Base...

By Halderman 07/12/18

why are farm appraisals so expensive?

  Why do farm appraisals take so long and why are they so expensive? There is a lot of research, analysis, knowledge, and writing goes into every report.  The Uniform Standards of Professional...

By Halderman 07/02/18

Did You Know Halderman Manages Timber Assets?