Yep, It's Harvest Time!

By Halderman

10 /02 /15

It's that time of year again, the time to see all the hard work payoff! Yep, its harvest time... and that means more trucks, tractors, combines and other equipment will be traversing our country roads and highways. In saying that, it's important to be alert and remember that these farm vehicles don't behave like cars and trucks, when it comes to speed, turning or braking. Caution around this large equipment shouldn't just be taken on the roads, but also in the field. We understand, from time to time, a landlord, family member, or neighbor may, want to take a ride in one of those impressive machines (heck I do myself). But, we urge you to take caution, when approaching /watching these machines. So we at Halderman, would like to encourage you to remember a few things during this fall harvest.


Equipment in the Field

  • Always maintain a safe distance, when farm equipment is moving or in operation around the farm.
  • While approaching a piece of equipment make sure that you make eye contact with the operator and that the equipment comes to a complete stop before continuing.
  • Farm machinery operators may not be able to see you because the large equipment or load can block part of their rearward view. If you can't see the driver, the driver can't see you.


Equipment on the Roads

  • A majority of farm equipment and motor vehicle crashes occur, when the farm equipment operator slows down to turn left and the motorist moves to pass. When passing farm machinery, make sure the driver is not about to turn left. And before deciding to pass, look for driveways into farms or fields where the farm vehicle operator could be turning.
  • When approaching equipment from either direction, remember that wide equipment may extend into the oncoming traffic lane, and make sure the road is wide enough and watch for roadside obstacles such as mailboxes that might cause the equipment operator to drift to the left.
  • Farm machinery crossing the road moves slowly and may be pulling equipment that will take longer to clear the road. Don't try to pass on the left as the equipment may swing out differently than expected.


The excitement and joy of harvest can be tainted in the blink of an eye with an accident or injury. Please be mindful of your surroundings this fall. As we here at Halderman will be, an, let's all have a great and bountiful harvest.



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