Are Online Auctions The Future?

By Halderman

05 /18 /20

At Halderman Real Estate, we have instituted an online auction platform for the past several years to performCapture contact as an additional option alongside a live sale or as an online only auction. Browse the latest upcoming auctions, view tract maps and property details, indulge in snapshots of productive cropland - all from the comfort of your home. Simply register prior to the auction and get ready to bid.

A recent property buyer, Fred Groth, who purchased via the online auction platform has shared the following, “My experience with this virtual online auction, I had a great experience with it. The instructions were clear and bidding was straight forward and not complicated like other sites. The website was very well laid out and easy to understand. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I hope I see more sites like this.”

As you can see, this process has not only been in existence for years but has been a goal in perfecting the online auction process. Our goal is to make the auction process a success for both parties - the buyer and the seller. Due to the existence of COVID-19, some hesitancy came to the surface regarding some of our live auction sales that would be converted to online only auctions sales. A recent property seller, Diana Marion shares her experience stating, “I was initially hesitant about on line sale but the flu virus forced our hand and Gary [Bohlander, Halderman Real Estate Associate] explained this would really be the best way to sell the farm. The information Gary shared helped me to see the amount of interest the farm was generating and how it compared to comparable farm sales in the area.“

Halderman Real Estate has continuously evolved its approach in providing a streamline process to buying and selling real estate. Its important for our clients to experience a smooth and successful property sale. In concurrently, we want interested buyers to be well informed and to purchase with ease.

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