Article for AgProfessional Magazine

By editor

01 /05 /15

From a farm manager’s perspective, seed selection often boils down to yield potential and price. I typically start by looking at top yielding numbers across several different companies. With lower commodity prices, having high yield potential becomes a more critical aspect of achieving your revenue goals. Once I’ve determined several different numbers that look good from a yield potential standpoint, it becomes a pricing evaluation to narrow my selection down further. With tighter margins on the horizon, managing seed costs (along with all other inputs) will be imperative. This year, paring some of the more expensive/newer numbers with cheaper/older numbers that are still reliable will be a strategy I likely implore. Even though yield potential and pricing are significant, those factors are never the whole equation. Having a knowledgeable and reliable seed rep is still paramount. Regardless of what the yield data and pricing are, you still need a rep that can help recommend the right seed for the right farm. Matching the proper hybrid family or variety with your farm’s soils and specific needs is always key. In addition to a good rep’s agronomic knowledge of both your farm and their seed lineup, it is important that I am able to work with reps that make it a point to provide excellent service. At the end of the day, we are going to be more likely and more willing to buy seed from the salesman that works hard to sell it and to take care of us. If my seed rep can make my life easier, the decisions more straightforward, and the data needed to make decisions transparent and readily available, then it will be win-win for both of us.

Sam Clark
Area Rep. Halderman Companies
Sam Clark