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By Howard Halderman 11/18/19

US farm crops and today's market


By Howard Halderman 11/04/19

Niche Crops Are Offsetting Lower Prices From Corn And Soybeans

Corn, wheat and soybean prices are falling, but there are still other niche crops that farmers can focus on to provide alternative sources of income.

By Howard Halderman 10/07/19

Agricultural lending and trends for 2019

Between 2008 and 2015, JP Morgan grew its agriculture loan portfolio by 76% to $1.1 billion. Although still a small percentage of its overall loans, the fact that large, money center banks were...

By Howard Halderman 09/25/19

Fall 2019 - A Roller Coaster, Start To Finish!!

Very simply, 2019 was one of the most difficult planting seasons in US farming history. Record rainfall from June 2018-May 2019 led to unprecedented planting delays and more “prevented planting”...

By Howard Halderman 09/23/19

Trade And Tariff Problems For The US Farm Economy Are Persisting Into Late 2019.

Tariffs, trade and federal immigration policies continue to be hot topics with regard to the U.S. farm economy. Despite price support from the government, farm income has shrunk to $70 billion, about...

By Howard Halderman 08/07/19

Did You Know Halderman Handles All Farm Leasing Needs?

That’s right, we have vast experience handling all types of leases for your farm.  We specialize in maximizing your current cropland income utilizing a variety of lease types. These range from fixed...

By Howard Halderman 05/17/19

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Spring 2019 - Fewer Unknowns, but still no clear direction!

By Howard Halderman 01/29/19

2019 Auction Schedule Kicked Off In Earnest.

Last week our 2019 auction schedule kicked off in earnest. Three auctions in 3 different parts of the state all experienced nice crowds and lots of bidding. The prices achieved were fair market and...

By Howard Halderman 12/26/18

What Does The New Farm Bill Mean To You?

Last Thursday President Trump signed the 807 page 2018 Farm Bill recently negotiated in Congress.  This bill will cost $867 billion over the next 5 years.  It is important to note that over 80% of...

By Howard Halderman 12/03/18

Ag lenders expressed some concerns for further softening of the land markets.

Inconsistency is what I saw or interpreted from the events of last week.  I participated in two different meetings and the theme was of tighter margins and more financial problems this winter than in...