Did You Know Halderman can complete All Types of Real Estate appraisals?

By Pat Karst

09 /04 /18

Halderman Real Estate Services can complete appraisals on all types of real estate?  We have 16 licensed appraisers on staff. Many of them specialize in conducting farmland and livestock appraisals in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. Our experts appraise horse farms, grain elevators, large dairy farms, large hog farms, melon and fruit processing facilities, poultry barns, conservation easements,  seed processing facilities, recreational properties, forest land, and hundreds of thousands of acres of grain farms. Annually we perform over 700 appraisals of farm assets.

Our appraisals are used for mortgage collateral, dissolution proceedings, estate planning and settlement, partitions of undivided ownerships, family transfers, sale prices, court hearings, corporation stock valuation, eminent domain, etc. The Halderman team has extensive experience and provides expert court testimony on a regular basis.

We have a certified general appraiser in Indianapolis who specializes in appraising commercial properties such as agri-business real estate, mixed use commercial, multi-family residential units, mobile home parks, retail, industrial, and office buildings.  He especially enjoys working on appraisals of downtown properties in small towns around Indiana.

Why not call us at 800.424.2324 and let the Halderman team assist you with your real estate appraisal needs?