Did You Know Halderman Does Hunt or Recreational Leasing?

By Halderman

08 /01 /18

Nearly 20 years ago Halderman connected with a hunt leasing company in Indianapolis to help our clients maximize their return on non-cropland acres.  Did you know that for 19 years Halderman and Base Camp Leasing have been working together to lease the hunting rights on farms we manage?  Base Camp started in 1999 and shortly thereafter HFMS began working with them as a leasing agent for hunting rights.

Hunting leases can generate significant lease rates depending on the type, location and quality of hunting.  Typically lease rates range from $10 - $25/acre for all the hunting rights.  Base Camp leases the entire farm in most instances so you are paid on every acre, not just the wooded acres.  Base Camp’s leasing contract only allows the named people in the lease on the farm, requires the hunters to reimburse for any damages to crops or other property and requires the hunter to have liability insurance on themselves.  We find that the hunters leasing a property become very interested in keeping other trespassers off since they are paying for the right to be there!

Halderman chose to work with Base Camp Leasing because we saw an opportunity to generate significant revenue for our client and reduce some risk of trespassers.  They are leasing recreational properties across more than ½ of the United States and have access to thousands of hunters.  Over the past 19 years our experience with Base Camp is exceptional with many satisfied clients and hunters!

Hunting season is around the corner.  If you are interested in having us help you with your farmland investment or wish to discuss the hunt leasing opportunities, please contact your local Halderman representative to learn more or call us at 800-424-2324.  We will connect you with the most appropriate representative.