Did You Know Halderman Handles All Farm Leasing Needs?

By Howard Halderman

08 /07 /19

That’s right, we have vast experience handling all types of leases for your farm.  We specialize in maximizing your current cropland income utilizing a variety of lease types. These range from fixed cash rents, cash flex leases, share leases to custom hire.  Halderman offers financial and lease analysis as part of our complete farm management package.   In addition to the cropland leases we also have experience renting homes and other buildings on your farm, including livestock facilities and grain storage.  Finally, we do hunt/recreational leasing for the “other” parts of your farm property.

Here at Halderman we manage hundreds of farms across 20 states.  We see many different types of operations, leases, crops, soils, markets, management styles and financials.  Once we learn the background and factual data on a farm we can work through the analysis of an operation from general observation and more specific “boots on the ground” reviews.  We can develop recommendations for lease and operational changes that will most likely lead the farm to profitability.  These come with two or three alternatives and you, the client, make the final decision on how you want to execute the plan.  Many times we can take a loss to a profit in one year or two.

If you are confused about your current farming operation or tired of losing money each year, please contact your local Halderman representative to learn more or call us at 800-424-2324.  We will connect you with the most appropriate representative.