Did You Know Halderman Will Monitor Your Farm Throughout the Year?

By Halderman

04 /30 /18

One of the challenges facing any absentee property owner at a distance is “keeping an eye” on the farm. Farms require less monitoring than apartments or rentals, but this time of year it is common for a landowner to wonder about the farm’s appearance, is it planted, how did it come through the winter, etc? Did you know that Halderman does all the monitoring of a farm and the farm operation as part of our farm management services?

Halderman Area Representatives manage 50-70 farms in their geographic region and make regular inspections of every farm. The number of inspections varies by farm and owner, but we are inspecting the farms we manage 4-6 times each year at a minimum. Many of these inspections occur spring through fall so that we see the crop growing at various stages and can monitor or oversee capital improvement projects. For example, this time of year we confirm planting progress, oversee last minute drainage projects or other land improvements and make sure any planned repairs to the farm buildings are underway.

Our goal is to make your ownership of farmland – SIMPLE and PROFITABLE – while giving you the comfort of knowing someone is watching your asset for you. If you are interested in having us help you with your farmland investment, please contact your local Halderman representative to learn more or call us at 800-424-2324. We will connect you with the most appropriate representative.