Did You Know That We Can Help Monitor Your Real Estate Taxes?

By Halderman

05 /16 /18

 Indiana real estate taxes were due the first of May.  When I paid the tax on one of my farms, the treasurer informed me they had already been paid by a mortgage company and the Treasurer couldn’t accept my check.  This was a surprise as the farm is debt free. I contacted my client to make sure he hadn’t mortgaged that farm and then started digging for a solution. It turns out that the mortgage company paid the tax on the wrong parcel number. 

 The treasurer informed me that eventually, the mortgage company will find their mistake and ask her to transfer the payment to the correct property.  At that point, my client’s taxes would be considered delinquent.  During our visit, we agreed on a plan to make sure we paid the correct amount and that we would not be considered late. 

Timely, knowledgeable action saved our client from late fees and delinquent taxes.  Who is watching  out for you?