The first quarter is full of activity for us

By Halderman

03 /15 /16

As I write this it is hard to believe that 2016 is ¼ over. The first quarter is full of activity for us – year-end reports, appraisals, auctions, plans for the next crop year and calving season. For me the cows and calves are my escape from my everyday routine

For our operation, calving starts in late December and runs through the first part of April.  Most of the calves are born in February & March. This is an exciting time to watch each cow calve and then find out if our mating’s work as planned. Oh there are surprises on both sides of the coin; from “well that should have worked better” to “we’ll have to try that again”.

This year we are having an excellent spring. 19 of 24 cows have calved so far, with nearly 80 percent being heifer calves. This is my 18th calf crop and I believe this is the best group that we have ever started out with. It makes for long nights checking on the mommas and sitting up & trying to nurse a sick baby back to health, but. it’s all worth it. Funny thing is those nights don’t seem that long once the new born calf arrives and you watch the mother go into action and the calf responding.

I am looking forward to the end of March. The weather is warming up, the pastures will be growing & greening up and all of the cows & calves will be running around. If you drive by the farm on a sunny evening there is a good chance you will see me sitting in the ranger just watching the new calves running around and enjoying this beautiful world that we have been given.


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