Gov. Holcomb, Sec. Chambers Recognize Legacy Hooiser Businesses For Ecomonimic Growth, Community Commitment

By Halderman

08 /19 /22

Governor Eric J. Holcomb and Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers today awarded 47 Indiana companies and organizations with the Governor’s Century or Half-Century Business Award in recognition of each company’s longevity and service to its employees, community and the state.

“Recognizing Hoosier businesses and their accomplishments not only for decades of resilience and hard work but for the lasting impact on Indiana’s economy is a true honor,” said Gov. Holcomb. “Through strong drive and dedication, these businesses have set the tone of Indiana’s past, present and future economy and provide confidence in knowing for the next 100 years, Indiana will be on a journey to success.” 
The Governor’s Century and Half-Century Business Awards honor Hoosier businesses that have remained in operation for a minimum of 100 or 50 consecutive years and have demonstrated a commitment to community service. More than 1,206 Indiana companies have been recognized during the award's 31-year history.
The 47 companies recognized today are perfect examples of the impact of entrepreneurs," said Sec. Chambers. "All of these companies started here, in Indiana, and have powered both the state’s economic growth and the vibrancy of their respective communities for decades. I’m grateful for the dedication of this business that is foundational to Indiana - and to Indiana’s future success - and I am more committed than ever to enabling young entrepreneurs who aspire to build impactful companies like these.” For the complete list of honorees