Happy 50th Howard!

By Halderman

04 /15 /16

Howard BirthdayHoward Cake

It's Friday April 15th and I invite everyone to join me in wishing Howard Halderman a Happy 50th Birthday.

A few weeks ago some creative (or should I say mischievous) minds at the Main office planned a surprise celebration for Howard at our company meetings.  We had some surprise guests that provided the privilege of hearing lots of childhood experiences of Howard growing up from popcorn poppers, kittens in college dorm rooms and interpreting traffic laws for beginning drivers.  Don't feel bad about the advice Amy, from what I hear Howard is still observing those same interpretations of traffic laws today.

Some of the stories were shared in person while others were shared by video such as Dave Rutledge offering a lot of good advice on finding all those necessary items in the pharmacy store now that Howard has reached the big "50".  Howard's mother Janet and brother Richard shared their stories by video since they were traveling in Australia.  Richard you need to find someone to watch your back but not sure I would recommend Tina.

We were honored to have Dr. Larry Bohl, retired Ag Econ professor from Purdue and his son David join us in person for the celebration.  It was great to see Dr. Bohl and hear some of the stories from his experiences with Howard at Purdue.

Howard's father Robert closed the evening with a few stories of his own.  All I can say Howard is make sure you keep those old ski gloves available.  You never know when those might come in handy in the future................. ha ha.

Anyway it was a great time and gathering of family, friends and co-workers to celebrate this milestone in Howard's life.  We were all honored to share in the occasion and Happy 50th Howard!!!!  I hope you had as good a time as the rest of us.

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