HRAM is our farmland asset management company we established in 2013.

By Halderman

04 /29 /16

Monday we released an announcement about the merger of Halderman Real Asset Management (HRAM) and US Agriculture.  HRAM is our farmland asset management company we established in 2013.  Therefore this merger does NOT include the other Halderman Companies, Halderman Farm Management and Halderman Real Estate.  Those two entities continue to operate as they have for the past 86 years.

HRAM, now US Agriculture, was formed to meet the needs of some institutional farmland investment clients we developed starting in 2011.  The HRAM office is located in Indianapolis and the 5 staff only serve those clients of HRAM/US Agriculture.  To date HRAM/US Ag has 3 separate account clients with over $200 MM in commitments to investing in agricultural properties in the US. 

Going forward US Ag will explore a commingled strategy for investing in core farmland assets here in the US.  We anticipate this strategy will allow variety of investors to enter agricultural investing at a level that fits their needs and scale while at the same time giving them very diverse exposure across many types of farms, crops and geographies.  In the past our HRAM clients needed to invest $50 MM or more to do a separate account.  This new strategy will allow investors with smaller amounts to participate.  Also due to larger scale of the strategy the smaller investor will receive the desired diversity.

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