Karst and Peacock Attend National Land Conference

By editor

04 /01 /15

Pat Karst, Vice President and Chris Peacock, Senior Accounts Manager attended the 2015 National Land Conference in Tucson, Arizona March 23-25.  The conference highlighted three nationally acclaimed economists weighing in on the current and future economic conditions of the Agriculture Industry.


A summary of the economic sessions includes:

  1. Agriculture is very sound financially.
  2. Farmland has been a very profitable investment for decades and will continue that trend long-term.
  3. We appear to be in a slight pullback in land values that is not anticipated to last more than a couple of years unless we have a major shift that impacts profitability.
  4. Interest rates are likely to increase slightly over the next 12 to 18 months, but remain historically low.
  5. The number of farms for sale has been at approximately 50% of the historical range and is projected to remain at these levels for the foreseeable future (lack of a desirable alternative investment).
  6. Top farmland is holding strong while marginal farms are selling from more in line of where they should in relation to productivity.
  7. Farmers remain the primary purchaser of farmland.
  8. There is significant farmland investment funding on the sidelines waiting for a slightly more attractive return.


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