Did You Know Halderman Outperformed the General Real Estate Market in 2017?

By Halderman

03 /06 /18

Throughout the Midwest farmland values experienced a very stable market in 2017.  Many studies show either a slight increase or slight decrease, say plus or minus 1%.  This includes the Corn Belt from Colorado through Ohio.   Did you know that Halderman Real Estate’s sales results show an uptrend of nearly 8% throughout 2017? This is further evidence that the Halderman team and marketing system proves itself outperforming the overall marketplace.
Why are land values stable?  The number of farms for sale was below normal, which is the general trend across the Corn Belt and this factor combined with continued low interest rates are supporting farmland values.  In addition to low supply and favorable interest rates, most areas experienced crop yields that were at or above average in 2017, as they did in 2016.  While commodity prices are lower than we like, the yield increases combined with government price supports (ARC and PLC program payments) provide enough income and cash flow to maintain optimism in the agriculture industry.
If you are considering selling your farm contact Halderman to explore what we can do for you.  Our representatives are experienced in helping you to find the best solution your farm.  Your representative will expertly guide you through the sales process and achieve your goals for the farm.  Contact your local Halderman representative to learn more or call us at 800-424-2324.