Did You Know Halderman Will Maximize Your Sale Price!

By Halderman

02 /12 /18

This winter we have been presenting to landowners, lenders and other interested parties about land values and rental trends throughout Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.  One of the points we make is that the market remained stable from 2016, through all of 2017 and into this year.  It is a stable market, however we see wide variability in final sales prices, from $4,000/acre up to $10,000/acre.

Did you know we can help you sell your farm for the most possible in the current market?  Halderman Real Estate Services customizes each sale according the client’s goals and desires with a goal to maximize the sales price for that specific property.  This involves selecting the best method of sale, auction or private, an exceptional marketing program, proper pricing and experienced negotiators.  When our sales process is complete the price you achieve will be at or near the highest fair market value for your property.

Case Study:  This fall we sold 3 farms within 4 miles of each other over a 3 month time period.  They were similar in quality and the market is the same for all three.  The price per acre achieved ranged from $7,800 up to $10,750.  All 3 sales were public auctions and well attended with competitive bidding.  The fair market value for cropland in that area is somewhere between $7,500-$9,000/acre.  Therefore the one sale was a clear exception and the auction environment enabled it to happen.  If the seller chose to sell the property on his own for what the other farms brought he would have left over $2,000/acre on the table.  Once again hiring a professional pays off!

Your Halderman representative is experienced in helping you to find the best solution your farm.  Your representative will expertly guide you through the sales process and achieve your goals for the farm.  Contact your local Halderman representative to learn more or call us at 800-424-2324.