Midwest Summer Crop Update

By Robert McNamara

07 /19 /18

Low-angle view of corn fieldHere in Southwest Ohio the corn and soybean crop is looking very good. Many farmers I spoke with late spring early summer commented that they believed this is one of the best starts that they have had to a crop since they began farming. Corn is very far along and is actually the second fastest growing and maturing crop since 1981. This has mostly come about due to heat and moisture. Once the cool weather and April showers subsided there was a lot of planting and perfect conditions for it. With the great start we are having I wanted to check on how the rest of the Midwest was faring.

USDA begins posting crop ratings through the summer which gives some insight on how the states that grow corn and soybeans are doing comparatively by state and by year. Last year the average for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio the corn crop had a rating of good or excellent at 58.5%. This year that percentage is 79.25%. For soybeans the average for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio the crop had a rating of good or excellent at 57.25%. This year that percentage is 73.25%.

Crop Ratings Comparison Percentage Good or Excellent        
  Corn 2017 Corn 2018 Soybeans 2017 Soybeans 2018
Illinois 62 81 67 72
Indiana 47 76 49 70
Iowa  71 78 63 76
Ohio 54 82 50 75
Average 58.5 79.25 57.25 73.25

National corn yields averaged the highest ever in 2017 and soybeans were the second highest in history. If the rains continue and this crop can finish out as well as it started we could be looking at another record crop. Besides ideal weather new technologies play a big part in why we continue to sets records and increase production levels without adding to the total acres in production. Whether you farm yourself or lease your farm out it is important to keep up to date on new technologies. If there are questions you have on new technologies available now or coming down the pipeline Halderman is a great resource for landowners.