New Faces at Halderman

By Lindsay Humphrey

06 /26 /24

Breathing new energy and ideas into the Halderman headquarters are three recent hires: Emma Barr, Jason Johnloz and Brandon Stroble. Learn a little more about these new faces who just might be servicing your area of the state.


Emma Barr

Hometown: Roanoke, IN

University: Purdue University

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness with a minor in farm management and certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation

Current role: Area representative serving primarily in Grant, Howard, and Southern Huntington Counties offering farm management and real estate services in North Central Indiana


“Halderman is a name I hear about often both within the agricultural industry and outside of it,” said Barr who got married in mid-June. “Whether it was at a Purdue sporting event or at the local county fair, it’s a name backed by professionals. Joining the Halderman team gives me a new and unique opportunity to work in the agricultural industry.”


After graduating from Purdue two years ago, Barr began working for the Indiana Beef Cattle Association and the Indiana Beef Council as the education and industry relations director. She served the cattlemen and women of the state through the nonprofit organization by ensuring their voice was heard at the state level.


“While my previous role and this new one with Halderman couldn’t be more different, they have many similarities,” Barr explained. “My mindset stayed the same as I transitioned into this role at Halderman. I am now working for my clients; I am helping them achieve their goals and be successful while also being their voice. As I started in my role, I had the opportunity to shadow and be mentored by many great people on the Halderman team. No question is too silly or small to ask and everyone is so willing to help us succeed. This has truly been so helpful and appreciated as I start my career as an area representative.”


Jason Johnloz

Hometown: Bluffton, IN

University: Purdue University

Degree earned: Bachelor of Science in farm management with a minor in crop science and a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation

Current role: Area Representative covering northeast Indiana


Over the years, Johnloz gained a unique perspective on Halderman as his father, Rick, worked for the company for many years. Jason now works directly with him in his role as an area representative after completing four internships with the company.


“Working alongside your father doesn’t work for everyone, but I feel blessed to have a great relationship with him and I am confident we can excel as a team in a work setting,” Johnloz said. “We see things similarly and usually approach tasks and opportunities the same way. Over 40 years with Halderman, my dad gathered lots of experience and is generous enough to pass that down to me. I truly feel like I am learning from the best.”


Johnloz has been dreaming of his future with Halderman since middle school. Stepping into a full-time role has been smooth thanks to his previous experience as an intern and the helpful guidance of his father and the other Halderman employees.


“It’s amazing how much more I can accomplish now that I’m able to focus completely on my role as the distractions from college life have fallen away after graduation,” Johnloz said. “One thing that surprised me about my role is how much the different area representatives communicate. Everyone in the company has been extremely helpful and always willing to offer advice and answer my questions. I’m very thankful for the Halderman community and how we work as a team encouraging each other along the way.”


Brandon Stroble

Hometown: Hartford City, IN

University: Purdue University

Degree earned: Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management

Current role: Area Representative covering central Indiana


“Joining the Halderman team was an exciting opportunity for me because of their strong reputation for excellence in real estate and farm management,” Stroble said. “I was drawn to the company’s commitment to serving clients with integrity, professionalism and a focus on long-term relationships which resonated with my own values.”


If anyone can speak on how Halderman holds true to those values it would be Stroble and his family. Stroble is now the fourth generation in his family to tenant farm under Halderman management. Even as time marches on from the initial leasing process with Stroble’s great grandfather, Halderman continues to be attentive, responsive and supportive of each new generation as they continue tenant farming.


“I think it’s very important to be someone who has a servant’s attitude when it comes to my role with Halderman and that’s how I plan to operate,” Stroble said. “Halderman customers can expect great service from me, whether they’re seeking information about market insights or property analysis or anything else they might need, I’m willing and available to help them in all areas of their operation.”