By Chris Peacock 04/29/24

Soil Drainage & Drainage Coefficients

Soil Drainage

By Lindsay Humphrey 04/12/24

Quarterly Update – Q1 2024

A Look Backward

By Emma Thomas 04/09/24

Halderman Welcomes Melcher as Area Representative!


By Lindsay Humphrey 04/01/24

Spring Into Safety: Part 2

To drive home the importance of safety on the farm with employees both young and old, we caught up with someone who grew up working on the farm and continues to do so today. Check out what Nebraska...

By Lindsay Humphrey 03/25/24

Spring Into Safety: Part 1

Finding good farm help can be daunting, especially when you’re limited by your location while also concerned about employee safety. We’re here to provide some tips for keeping safety top of mind,...

By Lindsay Humphrey 02/12/24

Succession Planning: The Finer Details

No matter what size operation you’re in, financial planning means the difference between a year in the black or a year in the red. When it comes to succession planning, charging forward without a...

By Lindsay Humphrey & Howard Halderman 01/08/24

Finding An Equity Partner

When a prime piece of land comes up for sale, what’s a farmer to do at the drop of the gavel when they simply don’t have the capital to scoop it up? Halderman is an excellent resource in this realm,...

By Lindsay Humphrey 12/21/23

Quarterly Update with Pat Karst

This year will likely be marked by price variation for land but that’s not all Halderman Vice President Pat Karst had to say as he wrapped up 2023 in a neat bow.

By Howard Halderman 12/14/23

Farmers Have Never Needed More Capital To Buy Land

The market for US farmland has changed dramatically over the last two years. Gone are the days of steady appreciation and low interest rates. Farmland values are up 40% while interest rates for land...

By Lindsay Humphrey 10/30/23

No New Farm Bill - Yet

While it sounds scary, it’s not uncommon for the government to fail to meet their own deadlines. A Farm Bill hasn’t been passed on time since the last century and clearly that trend is continuing....