By Halderman 07/27/17

Farm Bureau is Working to Make Changes on Ohio Farm Real Estate Taxes.

Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) is used to determine the taxes paid on farmland in Ohio. CAUV legislation was passed in 1974 by the state legislature in order to decrease the tax rates on...

By Halderman 07/24/17

What does award-winning marketing look like?

We use a multifaceted marketing plan to reach as many potential buyers as possible.  Our intent is to saturate the local marketplace and make sure those regional and national investors are also aware...

By Halderman 07/17/17

Are there other fees besides commission when selling my property?

This depends on the type of sale method and the commission structure.  There are potentially two other fees you might pay Halderman.  One would be an appraisal fee, if you wanted one.  The other...

By Halderman 07/12/17

Rain, Rain...and More Rain

Sam Clark Noblesville, IN 765-659-4841

By Halderman 07/11/17

Do you need an appraisal?

We have over 10 certified general appraisers on staff licensed in IN, MI, OH, KY and IL. If you need a certified appraisal we have you covered. In addition many of our real estate brokers also...

By Halderman 07/05/17

Farm Managers Share Their Thoughts On The 2018 Farm Bill And NAFTA

The farm bill is the single biggest piece of legislation that affects the livelihood of farmers throughout the U.S., and there are concerns about how politicians will design the new one for 2018....

By Halderman 06/28/17

Corn Belt Road Trip

From June 16 thru June 19, 2017 we traveled 2,200 miles thru 7 Midwestern states, to see the status and condition of the corn and soybean crops in the Corn Belt.  These states included Indiana, Ohio,...

By Halderman 06/26/17

Halderman Sells Huntington County Land at Absolute Auction

WABASH, IN: Competitive bidding by several strong bidders pushed the price of Huntington County farmland to $7,936 per acre. All three tracts totaling 232 acres of good cropland sold to two different...

By Halderman 06/21/17

Dicamba Concerns Resurface

June 19, 2017

By Halderman 06/19/17

Why should I use Halderman instead of someone else?

You will sell this farm one time and therefore we believe you should maximize the opportunity to capitalize fully on this investment. We believe that many farms still sell to a buyer within 5-10...