By Halderman 06/13/17

What is the farm worth? What is a fair release price?

Farmland values vary widely based on a farm's location, quality, type, layout and reputation.  Many universities and on-line sources provide information on farmland values that can be a helpful guide...

By Halderman 06/05/17

Why do you charge a fee for acres in woods? Shouldn't it just be tillable acres?

We manage every acre of the farm and every improvement  That is one reason why the fee is based on total acres.  Also our liability insurance program only covers the acres shown in the contract. ...

By Halderman 05/30/17

Deadlines Nearing to File for Crop Insurance

Due to excessive rainfall, there are many acres of corn and soybeans unplanted in the eastern corn belt.  We are rapidly approaching the final planting dates for crop insurance.  Now is the time to...

By Halderman 05/26/17

Acres of farmland for sale down across the Midwest

By Halderman 05/24/17

Can you get me more income than I am already getting?

Maybe. Of course this answer depends on where your current lease stands and what the fair market rent is for the area and the quality of the farm. We commit to doing our best to achieve your goals...

By Halderman 05/18/17

Why does a corn planter cost so much?

By Halderman 05/15/17

Do you ever wonder how your tenant's planting season goes or what decisions need to be made?

Do you ever wonder how your tenant’s planting season goes or the decisions that need to be made? The following timeline will give you a glimpse into the 2017 spring planting at Columbus, Indiana. I...

By Halderman 05/08/17

How do you find tenants and prospects? How do you select them?

Our farm managers are in areas they know extremely well.  On average our managers have 20 years with our firm.  Therefore when we make a tenant change for any reason they already have a list of high...

By Halderman 05/03/17

What value do you add to my farm?

There are two major ways we add value to your farm.

By Halderman 04/17/17

Once the rent is collected, what else can Halderman do for me?

Our farm management services are customized for every client.  Therefore what we do beyond the lease negotiation and rent collection is defined by the client.  Some clients only want the leasing...