By Halderman 09/26/16

Do I Need A Farmland Advisor?

This is a question that all farmland owners should be asking themselves.  Whether an owner is thinking about selling or wants to keep the farm in the family for generations yet to come, having a...

By Halderman 08/31/16

Annual Purdue Field Day.

I recently had the opportunity to represent Halderman at the annual Purdue Field Day held Aug 24 just west of Wanatah, IN at the Pinney Purdue Research Farm. The topics presented are always timely,...

By Halderman 08/15/16


The experts predicted more of it toward the end of the 2000’s when the golden era in agriculture started. Since 2007 volatility was rampant and 2016 is proving to follow the same trend. The year...

By Halderman 07/25/16

Who is buying farmland today?

Net farm incomes are predicted to decline again in 2016.  This is due to lower commodity prices created by more supply than demand.  In fact net farm incomes will be off 57% from the highs in 2013. ...

By Halderman 07/20/16

What is the best lease type?

What is the best lease type?

By Halderman 07/13/16

We live in one of the greatest hardwood growing areas of the world.

Although it is not regularly discussed we live in one of the greatest hardwood growing areas of the world.

By Halderman 07/11/16

It's the subject of many coffee shop conversations.

As farmers, we love to talk about the weather. It’s the subject of many coffee shop conversations.  When I was a kid my dad always shushed me when the weather came on the news.  Will it rain?  If so,...

By Halderman 07/07/16

Greetings from South/West Central Indiana

Greetings from South/West Central Indiana.  June finds farmers working diligently to catch up after being slowed by a wet and rainy period that delayed planting the 2016 corn and soybean crops.  ...

By Halderman 07/05/16

Impact of BREXIT on agriculture.

Last week I was asked to comment on the impact of BREXIT on the agriculture industry and specifically the farmland market.  The United Kingdom’s (UK) exit from the European Union (EU) is far from...

By Halderman 06/30/16

End of the 2nd Quarter of 2016

End of the 2nd Quarter of 2016 – what an interesting quarter in agriculture!  At the beginning of the quarter most were bearish due to low commodity prices and a forecast for net farm incomes as low...