By Pat Karst 01/05/23

Fourth Quarter Real Estate Update.

Even though available farmland supply was near an all-time high for real estate companies across the board, the prices set records. Those might be at their peak.

By Lindsay Humphrey 11/06/22

Online for Almost 10 Years

COVID-19 brought a slew of changes for businesses nationwide, but Halderman Real Estate Services was ahead of the curve when it came to online auctions. In 2019, Halderman hosted only 10 online-only...

By Lindsay Humphrey 11/04/22

Farm Equipment Auctions: A Roller Coaster

It’s hard to predict how much farm equipment will sell in a year. Unlike land, people seem to be hanging onto their equipment, and for good reason.

By Lindsay Humphrey 10/21/22

Tile Depreciation: The 411

Water: more often than not, there isn’t enough of it. But sometimes, there’s too much and it needs to be relocated. Some historians say the first tile drainage systems used in an agricultural setting...

By Lindsay Humphrey 10/14/22

Land Values Continue Setting New Records!

Even though land values continue setting new records, buyer turnout remains consistent in the second half of 2022.

By Halderman 08/19/22

Gov. Holcomb, Sec. Chambers Recognize Legacy Hooiser Businesses For Ecomonimic Growth, Community Commitment

Governor Eric J. Holcomb and Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers today awarded 47 Indiana companies and organizations with the Governor’s Century or Half-Century Business Award in recognition...

By Lindsay Humphrey 08/16/22

Interest Rates: Up, Up and Away!

For most Americans, the cost of living appears to increase on a daily basis. While that might be a touch dramatic, it’s not necessarily incorrect.

By Lindsay Humphrey 07/06/22

What Did The Second Quarter Look Like From Halderman's Perspective?

“The land market has continued getting stronger through this quarter, I’d say it increased around 5% on average across the board,” Karst said. “One of the biggest questions we’re hearing is when will...

By Michele F. Mihaljevich 07/01/22

Most buyers of farmland are farmers vs. investors

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Billionaires such as Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have been in the news for purchasing farmland for investment purposes, but most buyers of farmland are farmers or local...

By Michele F. Mihaljevich 06/27/22

Fourth Generation Joins Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management

After Joe Halderman graduated in December from Taylor University, he wasn’t certain he wanted to work for his family’s business – Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management.