By Lindsay Humphrey 10/17/23

Succession Planning: Where to Start & Why

“Without vision, you have no direction. Without direction, you have no purpose.” – Steve Gilliland

By Lindsay Humphrey 08/05/23

Equipment Auction Digest

With planting season behind and harvest ahead, July is the age-old month for selling equipment. At least, that was the case 50 years ago when a combine wasn’t selling for a six-figure sum regularly....

By Lindsay Humphrey 07/22/23

Quarterly Update With Pat Karst

Halderman invites their customers every other year for a day of education, fellowship, and community. This year’s Owner Field Day will be on September 6 & 7 at the Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth,...

By Abby Chapman 07/18/23

Halderman Companies Included Among America's Best Brokerages and Top Auction Houses

Halderman Real Estate & Farm Management is thrilled that our Real Estate Services were recognized among America’s Best Brokerages and Top Auction Houses for 2023! We are passionate about being a...

By Jason Johnloz 05/28/23

A Taste Of France!

My name is Jason Johnloz, and I will be an upcoming senior at Purdue University this fall, majoring in farm management with a minor in crop science. I was given the opportunity to study abroad for...

By Todd Litten and Lindsay Humphrey 05/20/23

Beef Cattle Pasture and Hay Outlook

Last year, in the United States, cattle production contributed the largest portion of total agricultural cash receipts for commodities. Of the $462 billion, cattle contributed 17% to that number...

By Rick Johnloz 05/05/23

A Time To Give Back.

By Lindsay Humphrey 05/03/23

Location, Location, Location

Halderman Vice President Pat Karst sheds some light on the WAPI, what the buyer pool looks like, and how the two interact.

By Lindsay Humphrey 04/13/23

Quarterly Update - Spring 2023

Halderman Vice President Pat Karst shares an update on the farmland real estate market following the first three months of 2023.

By Carolina Keegan, The Farmer's Exchange 03/06/23

Halderman: 2023 Farmland Values Will Remain Up

Halderman: 2023 Farmland Values Will Remain Up