By Howard Halderman 01/04/20

Welcome to 2020!

Is your vision of the upcoming year clear or is it a bit murky like mine?  We ended 2019 on a positive note.  Land values increased or held steady across our region for the year.  Other states in the...

By Howard Halderman 12/30/19

The impact of MFPs on farmland values

Market facilitation payments (MFPs) have become an integral part of farm income. Leading university agricultural programs have created financial simulations for farm values, taking into account cash...

By Halderman 12/27/19

Plant-based Proteins, the Impossible Burger and Their Impact on Agriculture

The Impossible Burger is changing the veggie burger game. Simulating the juiciness of a regular burger and its ability to take on a charred surface, the Impossible Burger is finding favor with meat...

By Robert McNamara 12/23/19

Recreational property and agritourism on the rise.

Recreational property can be used for a multitude of purposes: hunting, fishing, water sports, hiking, camping and off-roading are some of the more common ones. Land that is not suitable for crops...

By Howard Halderman 12/20/19

How Do Interest Rates Affect Farmland Values?

Interest rates impact farmland in a few ways. Farms are operating businesses in addition to serving as investment properties, so they are particularly sensitive to changes in interest rates. The cost...

By Craig Springmier 12/13/19

Farmland Timber Management and Profit Potential

We sat down recently with Craig Springmier of Halderman Land and Farm Management. Craig has been with Halderman for 29 years and is active in managing farms along with farm property acquisitions and...

By Halderman 12/02/19

Urban Farming On The Rise

The rise of urban agriculture can be attributed to many factors, including advances in technology and an increase in consumers who want locally produced food. Urban agriculture is generally defined...

By Pat Karst 11/25/19

Operational and Financial Risk For Farmers

Farmers absorb a lot of operational and financial risk. These problems are magnified when revenue is reduced from the impact of lower prices and yields, and variable conditions from the weather and...

By Howard Halderman 11/18/19

US farm crops and today's market


By Howard Halderman 11/04/19

Niche Crops Are Offsetting Lower Prices From Corn And Soybeans

Corn, wheat and soybean prices are falling, but there are still other niche crops that farmers can focus on to provide alternative sources of income.