By Halderman 05/04/20

How Will Farmland Values Be Affected For The Balance Of 2020?

With year-end 2019 forecasts for farm values and farm income thrown into chaos by the Coronavirus pandemic, the trade war with China seems almost like a distant memory. Prior to the pandemic, farmers...

By Howard Halderman 04/24/20

Halderman Real Estate Update - COVID 19 Impacts

      Unprecedented times call for innovative ideas and new processes. Halderman Real Estate Services had 10 upcoming auctions in the market when

By Halderman 04/20/20

Impact Of Interest Rates On Farmland Values In 2020

With average 30-year home mortgage rates falling to an all-time low of 3.29% on March 5, the markets, economists and investors were hardly convinced that COVID-19-induced market swings were over. If...

By Halderman 04/15/20

The new Farm Bill highlights emerging programs

Despite major positive steps to mend the trade war between the U.S. and China, U.S. farmers are still at risk. So, the new farm bill for 2018 addresses some urgent needs for marketing, farm support...

By Halderman 03/18/20

Halderman Moves Auctions To Online

Halderman Real Estate Services, Inc. of Wabash, IN have seven live farm real estate auctions scheduled in April and they announced today that in response to the CDC requirements related to the...

By Halderman 02/28/20

The Coronavirus And Its Global Trade Implications

Observers have likened the impact of the 2019-nCoV, or the coronavirus, to the sudden outbreak of war. It could have a potential global economic impact of as much as $5 trillion if it is not...

By Howard Halderman 01/31/20

Is the Tariff Trade War Heading For A Cease-Fire?

Farmers have been enduring the negative effects of a United States federal government-initiated trade war. During that time, commodity prices have plummeted and many farms have had to cease...

By Howard Halderman 01/10/20

2010's - What A Decade!!

2020 is the Halderman Company’s 90th year!  This means we’ve seen a lot over the past 9 decades of serving landowners throughout the Midwest.  The past decade was one of the most memorable, most...

By Howard Halderman 01/04/20

Welcome to 2020!

Is your vision of the upcoming year clear or is it a bit murky like mine?  We ended 2019 on a positive note.  Land values increased or held steady across our region for the year.  Other states in the...

By Howard Halderman 12/30/19

The impact of MFPs on farmland values

Market facilitation payments (MFPs) have become an integral part of farm income. Leading university agricultural programs have created financial simulations for farm values, taking into account cash...