By Andrew Eames 08/27/21

Are you Getting Full Use Out Of Your Drone?

For appraisal and farm management businesses that are also involved in real estate brokerage, the value of aerial photography and video can be hard to overstate. Howard Halderman, AFM, owner of...

By Nolan Sampson 08/12/21

What Does Farming Look Like In Minnesota?

Nolan talks with Joseph Atha on topics ranging from how the farmers are dealing with a severe drought to trade agreements with overseas buyers.

By Chris Peacock 06/09/21

Farmers tend to Feel More Stress Than People In Other Occupations.

The text I received was a shock. It stated that a local farmer had passed away this morning...” When I was told that he had taken his own life, I hurt for his family and loved ones and the pain that...

By Nolan Sampson 06/03/21

Take A Closer Look At Irrigation

Having an irrigation system is a helpful tool when battling dry growing conditions. In part 2 of Nolan's series on Northwest Agronomy he takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of how an irrigator works.

By Nolan Sampson 05/29/21

Northwest Indiana Agronomy Update

Nolan is back with another episode from Northwestern Indiana and the ongoing drought conditions in that area. How does farming look when dealing with a dry growing environment?

By Nolan Sampson 05/27/21

Do Solar Panels Have Seasonal Adjustments?

Thinking about solar panels but not sure how easy they are to adjust to take advantage of the sun no matter what season it is? While your solar provider will show you the best method for the panels...

By Nolan Sampson 05/21/21

Could Solar Be In Your Future?

Solar panels are popping in a field near you. How do they work and what is the cost to purchase them? As the popularity of solar grows so do the questions. Join Nolan in a two-part vlog as he...

By Colten Yager 05/03/21

Halderman Can Help You Manage Your Farmland Invest

How do you get the most out of your farmland investment? Let Halderman can help you every step of the way from purchase to the ongoing management of your property.

By Emily Elfers 04/26/21

Appraisals Are An Important Part Of Estate Planning

Looking for answers on estate planning or how capital gains taxes might look for future generations? In the second part of our series on appraisals, Emily Elfers explains why appraisals are an...

By Lauren Peacock 04/19/21

Who Needs An Appraisal?

At some point, we have all heard of someone that needed an appraisal for their property. While there are many reasons why we would need an appraisal, many of us don't understand what an appraisal is....