By Sam Clark 04/22/19

Are Trade Tariffs Impacting Your Farm Revenue?

The trade tariffs that were implemented last year by the current U.S. administration have taken its toll on the agricultural economy. As you are likely aware, in response to the import tariffs that...

By Halderman 04/08/19

The ARC and PLC Provide Revenue Support to Growers.

The ABCs of ARC and PLC from the new Farm Bill Under the 2018 Farm Bill, the two basic forms of risk management available to farmers are Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC).

By Emma Hopkins-O'Brien 02/15/19

Despite Negative Factors, Land's Value is Stable


By Howard Halderman 01/29/19

2019 Auction Schedule Kicked Off In Earnest.

Last week our 2019 auction schedule kicked off in earnest. Three auctions in 3 different parts of the state all experienced nice crowds and lots of bidding. The prices achieved were fair market and...

By Howard Halderman 12/26/18

What Does The New Farm Bill Mean To You?

Last Thursday President Trump signed the 807 page 2018 Farm Bill recently negotiated in Congress.  This bill will cost $867 billion over the next 5 years.  It is important to note that over 80% of...

By Howard Halderman 12/03/18

Ag lenders expressed some concerns for further softening of the land markets.

Inconsistency is what I saw or interpreted from the events of last week.  I participated in two different meetings and the theme was of tighter margins and more financial problems this winter than in...

By Howard Halderman 11/16/18

High Level Themes To Watch Over The Next Few Months.

Two weeks ago I attended the annual American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers meeting.  This is our professional, national organization for people who do what we do.  I listened to many...

By Elizabeth Williams, DTN Special Correspondent 10/16/18

The Real Farmland Market

By Elizabeth Williams, DTN special Correspondent

By Howard Halderman 10/08/18

Did You know the farm economy continues to demonstrate negative tendencies?

 The farm economy continues to demonstrate negative tendencies.  Earlier this week Purdue released the Ag Barometer results for September.  The Ag Barometer is a survey of 400 producers from around...

By Howard Halderman 09/27/18

Did You know the Farmland Market is More Conservative Than in Recent Years?

For two years the farmland market stayed fairly steady.  Each quarter brought slight changes up or down, but overall the market was flat.