By Howard Halderman 09/23/19

Trade And Tariff Problems For The US Farm Economy Are Persisting Into Late 2019.

Tariffs, trade and federal immigration policies continue to be hot topics with regard to the U.S. farm economy. Despite price support from the government, farm income has shrunk to $70 billion, about...

By Chris Peacock 09/09/19

Falling Farm Incomes And The Loss Of Working Capital - What Do You Do?

What created the lower net farm income levels?  Farm incomes dropped nearly 50% since the record high in 2013 of $123 billion in 2018. While rebounding slightly in 2019, projections are now above $80...

By Jim Clark 08/19/19

The Pros And Cons Of Farm Sale-Leasebacks

We recently sat down with Jim Clark, who has been with Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management for 36 years in farm management, appraisal and investment advisory.

By Howard Halderman 08/07/19

Did You Know Halderman Handles All Farm Leasing Needs?

That’s right, we have vast experience handling all types of leases for your farm.  We specialize in maximizing your current cropland income utilizing a variety of lease types. These range from fixed...

By John Miner 08/05/19

Solar Leases For Farmland Can Be Lucrative

Farming is a vital industry, but it is also notoriously unpredictable. In some circumstances, owners of farmland may consider alternative uses for their land, especially if the profit potential is...

By Emily Elfers 07/22/19

Understanding The Basics of a Farm Appraisal

When it comes to understanding the true value of farmland and associated improvements, the only accurate method is to perform an appraisal. Appraisals are the standard for establishing value across a...

By Jon Rosen 07/08/19

What You Need To Know About Family Farm Ownership

Running any kind of business with family members can be fraught with potential problems, but operating a farm where different family members have a say is uniquely difficult. Sensitive management...

By Sam Clark 06/24/19

What is Driving Farm Real Estate Trends?

Trends in farm real estate can change rapidly, and having an expert guide you through some of the variables that affect farm prices is important if you are in the market as an investor or a seller.

By Brett Salyers 06/10/19

Some Basics of Farm Leases and Farm Conservation

We recently sat down with Brett Salyers of Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management to discuss some of the basic points of farm leases. Leasing farmland requires an in-depth understanding of farm...

By Julie Matthys 05/27/19

The importance of Soil in Valuing Farm Land

Most people know that the quality of soil can have a big impact on the price of farmland, but they may not understand all the complex variables that enter into the equation. We recently explored this...