By Halderman 12/21/20

The Biden Administration and Ethanol's Uncertain Future

As a Biden administration looms, agro-centric industry planners must prepare to navigate the uncertainty of ethanol and related biofuel markets as they attempt to forecast demand. Participants in the...

By Halderman 12/11/20


Halderman Real Estate is excited to welcome back Brian Wise as a Real Estate Agent. “ We are excited to have Brian back on the team. In his previous tenure with HRES, his organized and professional...

By Halderman 12/07/20

Government Subsidies Are Farmers' Lifelines

The farming industry is unique in that its product is constantly under great demand, is seasonal and is often affected by unpredictable factors. While farming is a successful industry, it can be...

By Howard Halderman 11/25/20

Happy Thanksgiving From The Haldermans

2020 – a year to remember, a year to forget, a year of trials, challenges and opportunities. While 20-20 describes perfect vision, 2020 was generally a difficult year for most. Maybe you find it hard...

By Halderman 11/02/20

Could COVID-19 Have a Silver Lining as It Relates to Agricultural Land Value?

There is little doubt that the year 2020 presented challenges to the world not seen in recent memory. The COVID-19 pandemic reminded the human population that there exist many factors beyond the...

By Halderman 10/29/20

Don’t Let Farm Income Projections Mislead You

A cursory review of the latest data published by the USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS) seems positive: "Net farm income is forecast to increase by almost 23%," says Carrie Litkowski, Senior...

By Halderman 10/21/20

How COVID-19 Has Affected Stores' Stocking Methods

The impact of COVID-19 on store inventory stock has been evolving during the pandemic and many stores found it more difficult to stock for their consumers. Several factors led to new stocking...

By Halderman 09/21/20

Good Reasons to Invest in Farmland in 2020

In 2020, it seems nothing is reliable, consistent or predictable. With everything changing so quickly, how can we feel confident when we're considering an investment? CD rates are very low, the stock...

By Halderman 09/19/20

The Future Of Land Values Webinar

Volatility reigns in most markets – what about farmland? If you are thinking of selling, what’s the right price and the best method? What is a fair rental rate?

By Halderman 09/14/20

Is farmland a good inflation hedge?

One thing that is unchanged during the pandemic is that people need to eat. And in order to eat, farmers have to grow the food and the food delivered to its final destination. It seems intuitive that...