By Halderman 05/18/20

Are Online Auctions The Future?

At Halderman Real Estate, we have instituted an online auction platform for the past several years to perform as an additional option alongside a live sale or as an online only auction. Browse the...

By Halderman 05/11/20

U.S. - China Trade Agreement

Although the beginning of 2020 got off to a promising start for the U.S.-China trade, Covid-19 has completely disrupted the market and is jeopardizing phase 1 of the agreement that the two countries...

By Halderman 05/08/20

Farm Income For 2020

Farm Income for 2019 and Expectations for 2020 2020 was on track to be a respectable, perhaps even a moderately good year in regards to farm income. However, despite the hard work that has been done...

By Abby Chapman 05/08/20

Chris Peacock Recognized as part of RLI’s 2019 APEX Producers Club

Chris Peacock, with Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management has been recognized as a part of the 2019 APEX Producers Club by the Realtors® Land Institute as a part of the RLI APEX Production Awards...

By Halderman 05/04/20

Farmland Update - Spring 2020

COVID 19. That is all we’ve heard about since mid-February. This is a Presidential election year, yet the only issue holding the US and World’s focus is the pandemic at hand. Stay at home orders...

By Halderman 05/04/20

How Will Farmland Values Be Affected For The Balance Of 2020?

With year-end 2019 forecasts for farm values and farm income thrown into chaos by the Coronavirus pandemic, the trade war with China seems almost like a distant memory. Prior to the pandemic, farmers...

By Howard Halderman 04/24/20

Halderman Real Estate Update - COVID 19 Impacts

      Unprecedented times call for innovative ideas and new processes. Halderman Real Estate Services had 10 upcoming auctions in the market when

By Halderman 04/20/20

Impact Of Interest Rates On Farmland Values In 2020

With average 30-year home mortgage rates falling to an all-time low of 3.29% on March 5, the markets, economists and investors were hardly convinced that COVID-19-induced market swings were over. If...

By Halderman 04/15/20

The new Farm Bill highlights emerging programs

Despite major positive steps to mend the trade war between the U.S. and China, U.S. farmers are still at risk. So, the new farm bill for 2018 addresses some urgent needs for marketing, farm support...

By Halderman 03/18/20

Halderman Moves Auctions To Online

Halderman Real Estate Services, Inc. of Wabash, IN have seven live farm real estate auctions scheduled in April and they announced today that in response to the CDC requirements related to the...