Purdue experts analyze how to plan for tariff continuance.

By Halderman

09 /17 /18

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — An end to tariffs could boost prices farmers realize for their corn and soybeans, according to a Purdue University agricultural economist.

With that in mind, producers might want to consider storing their crops until the taxes have been lifted, Chris Hurt said. “If we can settle the tariffs – everybody get that ‘if’ – then I think corn potentially has some movement to the upside, just on that factor, of maybe 20 to 25 cents (a bushel),” he explained.

If the tariffs are removed and “if the strong demand that we think we’re going to see really develops, that gets us back to a $4 corn scenario.” The combination of tight U.S. and world corn inventories could lead to a 20-cent upside potential, Hurt added.  More...