Specialized Marketing Plans Equals Results!

By Halderman

02 /01 /18

When clients list and sell their farms with Halderman Real Estate Services one of the benefits they receive is knowing the depth and reach of the marketing plan for their farm in detail at the time the listing is signed. Our Area Representatives collaborate with our award-winning marketing department to develop a detailed marketing plan for each farm. There are many facets to our marketing program and these give our clients the comfort of knowing that before the farm is sold, all potential buyers in the market know about it. We utilize current technology such as drone flights and social media advertising, but also continue to use standbys such as newspaper advertising in local, regional and farm related publications as appropriate to reach the intended audience. All forms of advertising that will be used to market the farm are provided to the client for review and approval in a line item budget that specifies the types, sizes, and dates of all ads, internet advertising on websites, social media advertising, sizes and numbers of signs, brochure costs and any additional services that will be used to market the farm. This level of detail gives our clients re-assurance that the farm will be marketed successfully. Thinking of selling a farm? Contact one of our Area Representatives to put together a successful marketing plan for you.

Julie Matthys
New Carlisle, IN