Spring 2016 - Halderman Area Manager Meeting

By Halderman

04 /05 /16

Recently our managers met at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana with a chance to discuss and review topics of interest in the company with the focus on how to better serve our clients.  

 Here are just a few of the many topics that were covered during the day and half meetings:

Farm lease survey results revealed showing some of the very top cash rent lease rates are coming down.  There is a noted trend of financial stresses increasing in the farm sector. 

A grain marketing survey results were also reviewed along with the goals of our managers on marketing through these next two quarters.  Slight increases in grain prices are targeted but concerns were noted when any big grain crop could then result in even weaker prices.

Hans Kok, a Ph.D. in soil science and a certified crop consultant spoke to us about cover crops highlighting the usage of cover crops in the role to improve better soil health and build back higher soil organic matter.  Economics of cover crops were also examined.  His expertise and passion for this topic are quite a plus to encourage farmers to use more cover crops.

 Parker Beauchamp was on hand to give property insurance updates and answer any questions on future insurance coverages and rates were reviewed.  Much of farm insurance policies are structured through Inguard. 

Mike Hacker joined us as an outside speaker on grain marketing and price forecasts, focusing mostly on corn and soybeans.  The emphasis here was toward weather patterns and trend line yields related to historical years of yields and price history moves following El Niño events.

Banking updates, print and digital marketing along with the 2016 company wellness programs were also covered. 

 The day and half meeting topics provided the material to keep us current on agricultural topics impacting each of us as area managers. 


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