What are Your Goals?

By Halderman

11 /28 /17

Halderman’s Goals for your farm

Do you know what Halderman Farm Management’s goals are for your farm?  First and foremost our goal is to manage the farm according to your goals and needs.  That is always our first objective!

Our goals are in alignment with yours and fall into two categories.

Maximize Your Income

First we want to maximize your current annual income.  This means we will seek a tenant partner and lease structure that allows you to net as much profit as possible in a given year.

Improve the Farm

Second we want to improve the quality and value of your farm over time.  This means that during the tenure of our management the quality of your farm improves.  This might be through improved soil fertility, increased organic matter, less erosion, implementing conservation practices, cleaning up fence rows, ditch banks and old farm buildings.  The farmland market may move up or down due to factors beyond our control and some areas will increase in value more than others, but our goal is to have your farm be in the upper 1/3 of its market due to its improved quality over time.

As you might imagine these two goals must work together.  Therefore we seek lease structures that allow you to maximize your current income and create a long term partnership with the farm tenant so that he is willing to work with us to improve the farm over time.  As a result you will find we tend to have long term tenants (the leases are short in duration, usually 1 year) and we work hand in hand with them to implement the improvement projects.

Did you know your area representative can review your farm and provide answers to both of these goals?  Give him/her a call today.