We will mark April 21, 2016 as a significant day for Halderman Real Estate.

By Halderman

04 /22 /16

The night of April 21st was a typical Thursday night for most. For Halderman Real Estate it was more significant. At 6:30 PM we started a live auction in Peru, IN, which by itself is not newsworthy as we do many Thursday night auctions each year. What was significant on this Thursday was that our FIRST ONLY ONLINE auction successfully concluded at 6:30 PM.

Halderman has done thousands of auctions in the past 32 years in many states throughout the middle part of the US. We’ve sold tracts smaller than 1 acre and farms containing thousands of acres. We’ve sold personal property and farm equipment as well. All of these were done via live auction with the addition of online bidding the past 5 years. Therefore, selling a farm via online only bidding is a change for us and for the farmland market.

There are many vendors selling all kinds of property, personal items, etc. on platforms such as EBay, Amazon and almost any retailer’s website. Some offer online bidding and online only auctions. There are even a few online only real estate auction companies. We admit this change is new only to us as there are others doing online only auctions all over the world. In the farmland space, online auctions are still relatively new and as the market develops we look forward to bringing newer and better technology to online bidding. This technology will allow our prospective customers (buyers) a more efficient, convenient and interactive way to bid on farms from the comfort of their homes or from anywhere in the world. This convenience will enhance their experience and allow our clients (the sellers) to achieve their maximum sales price since literally everyone has a chance to participate as if they were there at the auction.

We will mark April 21, 2016 as a significant day for Halderman Real Estate. For farmland owners this is simply another step toward joining the online marketplace and allowing you complete access to the world.