Year of the Farmer.

By Halderman

08 /31 /15

This was the “Year of the Farmer” at the Indiana State Fair that honor’s the State’s youth and agriculture through competition and exhibits. As someone who grew up in the 4-H program and exhibited livestock, the state fair has always served as a reminder of how important it is to educate the general public on agriculture and where their food comes from. The Indiana State Fair is a great platform in which to get the message out. The state fair draws in over 900,000 visitors over the 17 day event from across several states. In addition to the usual animal and 4-H exhibits, special exhibits were created to honor those who have committed their lives to innovation in agriculture. The Dupont/Pioneer harvest pavilion’s 3,000 square foot Amazing Maize teaches visitors about past and present methods to grow, cook, and eat corn, additionally 17 Indiana farmers were selected from across the state to be featured each day of the fair. As more individuals, groups, and media attempt to attack agriculture, we as landowners and stewards of the land need to support and promote events such as the Indiana State Fair to provide the general public with factual information about agriculture.

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