By Halderman 08/01/18

Did You Know Halderman Does Hunt or Recreational Leasing?

Nearly 20 years ago Halderman connected with a hunt leasing company in Indianapolis to help our clients maximize their return on non-cropland acres.  Did you know that for 19 years Halderman and Base...

By Robert McNamara 07/19/18

Midwest Summer Crop Update

Here in Southwest Ohio the corn and soybean crop is looking very good. Many farmers I spoke with late spring early summer commented that they believed this is one of the best starts that they have...

By Halderman 07/17/18

the Cost of Conservation Planning


By Sam Clark 07/16/18

Transitional land market remains active


By Halderman 07/12/18

why are farm appraisals so expensive?

  Why do farm appraisals take so long and why are they so expensive? There is a lot of research, analysis, knowledge, and writing goes into every report.  The Uniform Standards of Professional...

By Halderman 07/02/18

Did You Know Halderman Manages Timber Assets?


By Halderman 06/25/18

EC Indiana Crop condition Update:

A local agronomist that I often turn to for agronomic insight states the following pertaining to crop conditions, “it is seldom as good as it looks and it is seldom as bad as it looks”.  I mentioned...

By Halderman 06/19/18

Did You Know Halderman Monitors your Farm?

Did you know Halderman Farm Management representatives closely monitor your farm?  Our current clients are aware that their manager visits the farm multiple times each year, talks to the farm tenant...

By Halderman 06/01/18

Halderman has experience with solar and wind energy leases.

Did you know Halderman Farm Management has experience with renewable energy leases such as solar and wind?  We manage numerous farms in multiple states that have wind turbines in operation on them...

By Halderman 05/16/18

Did You Know That We Can Help Monitor Your Real Estate Taxes?

 Indiana real estate taxes were due the first of May.  When I paid the tax on one of my farms, the treasurer informed me they had already been paid by a mortgage company and the Treasurer couldn’t...